MSPI News - October 2017

May/31/2017: In the near future, MSPI SkyCipher® and MSPI ObjectX™ will each be re-built and re-certified using the new Microsoft Visual Studio 2017 tools and the latest .Net Framework. Each application will also receive enhancements.

July/26/2016: MSPI SkyCipher®, previously known as MSPI CodeBook™, has completed Microsoft certification and has been released to the Microsoft Windows Store. SkyCipher® can be found at this Microsoft Windows Store link.

July/21/2016: MSPI has released SkyCipher®Online, a free, AES-256, End-to-End, Online File Encryption Service for small Windows files. Visit SkyCipher®Online. If you have any comments, suggestions or problems, please contact us at

July/18/2016: In the next few weeks, MSPI will be rebranding and re-releasing its CodeBook™ product under a new name. This action is being taken due to a trademark conflict with Zetetic, LLC. Zetetic has formally registered the term Codebook with the USPTO - effective June/28/2016. MSPI's new file encryption product for Windows 10 will be rebranded to the name SkyCipher®. MSPI SkyCipher® will retain complete backwards compatibility with the currently-available version of MSPI CodeBook.

June/17/2016: MSPI ObjectX™ Release-3 (R3), which supports Windows 10 and Windows 8.1, has completed IARC certification and has been re-released to the Microsoft Windows Store. The International Age Rating Coalition (IRAC) is a global rating and age classification system for digitally delivered applications. IARC ratings reflect the unique cultural differences among nations and regions. ObjectX has been rated ESRB.

MSPI Retired Products: The following MSPI software products have been retired from service: